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Experience the power of community

There are hundreds of exclusive startup communities on Silo. Ask to join the ones that are right for you. Once approved, you’ll be able to meet and connect with thousands of founders, developers, designers, product managers and others.

Build your network

Connections matter when building a startup. Silo makes it incredibly easy to get know the key people in your community. Say hello, or build more meaningful connections by doing five-minute favors.

Easy to Ask. Easy to Help.

Working for a startup you need get stuff done. fast. Need something? Just ask for it, and see the magic happen. Help someone, and Silo will remind them to help you back.

What can you ask for? anything you need for your startup. Connections, questions, hiring. It’s all legit. Startups are hard, and we’re here to help each other.

The fastest, smartest way to hire for your team

Hiring through your network means lower costs, faster hiring and more qualified candidates. 85% of all hires come through people you are connected to.

Simply post an Ask and almost immediately receive referrals to great candidates from people you know and trust.

What Silo members are saying

“Silo is completely different than any other professional network. Not just 'profiles' or 'connections', but real people eager to help each other and getting the same in return.”

Maria Adamia Maria Adamian Founder, Ecamb, Silicon Valley

“Silo delivers fast, tangible results. We asked for an intro to a very specific executive - by the end of the day 4 different Silo members had offered to personally introduce us. That’s impressive!”

Shelly Hod Moyal Shelly Hod Moyal Founding Partner, iAngels, Israel

“My product vision was significantly enriched by connecting with a larger communities on Silo. It gave me access to valuable people & information I wouldn’t have had otherwise”

Alexander Tsyplikhin Alexander Tsyplikhin Co-Founder at Data Monsters, Silicon Valley

“Silo is sheer magic and a huge asset to me and to my business.”

Donna Griffita Donna Griffit Founder,, Silicon Valley

“A great way to leverage and expand your professional network - to get immediate help when you need it and build meaningful relationships helping others.”

Yuri Rabinovich Yuri Rabinovich CEO at VERITAMO, Silicon Valley

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