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Silo makes it easy to ask friends for whatever you need - and to lend a hand when you can help. Use Silo to ask your network for advice, information and help. Build stronger relationships by helping the people you care about. Good karma is good business.

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What is Silo?

To tap the incredible power of the professional network, we need to ask. Silo makes it easy to share what you need with everyone in your network who can help. Whether you’re looking to hire or be hired, have a question or looking for a connection, your network is here for you. Coffee is optional.
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Easy to Ask

With Silo, it's incredibly easy to ask your network. Never ask for a favor again. Simply share what you need, and the people in your network who can and want to help will reply to you privately.
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Easy to Help

Helping others is as important as asking for yourself. It builds stronger connections, and those you’ve helped will help you back when they can. Spend a few minutes a day helping the people you care about - and learn about interesting opportunities in your network.
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